At Amish Coin, we are a multinational, diverse community united by our core values of transparency, trust and equal opportunity for all!

From a dream of building a decentralized multinational financial system that is not dependent on any individual government or economy, combined with a core belief that the world would be a much better place if everyone laughed just a little more… Amish Coin (AMC) was born!


Many of our founders were born and raised in the Amish Culture, and though they have since “jumped the fence*,” they still hold a deep appreciation for the values they grew up with and an honor for the Amish culture. They still live in communities and work with the Amish on a daily basis. (In case you were worried, the Amish have a great sense of humor, and most find the “Amish Coin” concept hilarious and not the least bit offensive.) Our goal at Amish Coin is to build these values into our tokenomics, community and leadership, and use that as a solid foundation and a launch pad for what we see as the most hilarious, viral and captivating Meme Token of all time!

“Jumping the fence” is a term used when an Amish person or family choose to leave the Amish church