What Sets AMC Apart

We have designed a game theory and built Amish Coin (A to be the fairest token launch and investment opportunity in BSC (Binance Smart Chain) space! We have incorporated important assets into the core of Amish Coin to encourage stability and fairness. We believe that every successful token needs a solid accumulated base of individual wallet holders that understand the value of holding tokens over months or years, through high and low markets, versus days or weeks hold time. The individuals of this rare and essential group are known as Diamond Beards.

Here are a few features we have incorporated into the foundation of Amish Coin:

  • 100% of Presale Funds go to the liquidity pool (LP)!
  • Our community-led KYC whitelist for our presale ensures no holder has multiple presale wallets. This creates a more stable price floor with more holders.
  • Our max presale wallet cap of 350k tokens creates a fair wallet distribution and anti-whale** manipulation.
  • No core team, devs, or owner participated in or were whitelisted in the presale.
  • All team tokens for owners’ wallet, team wallets, and reserve wallet tokens for future builds are bought at the same price as presale! This means there is ZERO DILUTION of the coin.
  • This also means AMC will launch with an approximate 2-1 market cap to LP (liquidity pool) ratio!
  • 50% of AMC supply will be in the LP at Launch and will be locked.
  • All team, owner and team related wallets will be locked for the first 30 days.
  • Presalers who do not sell more than 25% of their presale allocation will be whitelisted for our NFT launches and future events and…. some special things we cannot yet speak of.

**While we at Amish Coin also discourage manipulating the large sea mammal with a tail and a blowhole, in this case, a “whale” refers to a person who holds a huge amount of crypto that allows them to manipulate the market and pricing of crypto. We don’t want this to happen to Amish Coin, so we put anti-whale manipulation measures in place.

We want to build a token on trust, fairness, equal opportunity and consistent hard work!

We believe that a token should be built well and built for one thing: to GROW! We also believe our tokenomics will sell themselves based purely on the design and game theory. We would invest big into this token ourselves as investors if we found it just like you have.

So, we designed a token that prioritizes stability, longevity and adaptability instead of taking a lot of the profit out for marketing and hype, or to line the team’s pockets like other crypto teams may.

(The owner and sole investor will end up with 650k tokens, the core team will end up with 450k tokens, and the max wallet on the main net is 400k tokens!!!)

Here are some key features of Amish Coin:

  • Anti-Whale and Anti-Bot Measures with max wallet of .8% of supply. 400k tokens. (The community will vote on whether this cap is removed after passing 25 million market cap, or if it will remain)
  • Presale price is the same as the launch price of .001 to allow for a fair entry opportunity for everyone.
  • Our 5% LP (liquidity pool) tax means that on every buy and sell, 5% is automatically sent to the LP!! This will create an ever-rising price floor.
  • Even if sniper bots get in early and don’t get rekt, they will still be limited to the same constrictions on max wallets and the same price as everyone else, including presale, so no one can ever dump more than .8% of supply at once.
  • We designed the presale max wallet price so presalers can still buy up to 50k tokens at launch.
  • Anyone who buys during the first 3 days of launch and has zero sells from the same wallet is qualified to be whitelisted for future projects and upcoming NFT projects and launches.