Goals and Achievements

Goals Achieved

4th quarter goals 2021
  • Finalize core values and core goals that a project needs to last in the crypto space.
  • Finalize the Final draft for Tokenomics, game theory and wallet Distro design.
  • Build a Tier 1 quality website.
  • Build telegram and reach 25 members
  • Add a Creative director and film and content producer to the team. “Shane”
  • Begin filming comedy and short film video series
  • Build an easy-to-use Presale App that can incorporate a KYC whitelist and give multiple payment options.
  • Reach 50 telegram members
  • Do a Fair public whitelist opportunity, for individual wallets (filled faster than expected)
  • Do a Fair public whitelist opportunity, for individual wallets (filled faster than expected)
  • Successful Fair presale to secure funds for LP (liquidity pool) launch.
  • Add a team member to run our social pages, and who can create, design and bring to life our communities crazy ideas. - (Jamie Hilier)
  • Create social media pages.
  • Telegram reaches 100 members
  • Finished updating website and social pages.
  • Launched Mini short film comedy series on YouTube with tik tok shorts lead by our own in house Actor, comedian and film producer.

Goals To Be Achieved

1st Quarter Goals (2022)
  • Reach 250 members in telegram or discord.
  • Collaborate, network or partner with other projects, call groups, platforms or influencers that carry our same values.
  • Launch “Coin Hopper” - (The Decentralized exchange that our devs have spent the past 6 months building)
  • Reach 500 members in Telegram
  • Fair Launch of Amish Coin on PCS. Target date is Feb 15th, (community vote depending on markets)
  • Register for CG and CMC and register AMC on as many token platforms as we can.
  • Launch Amish Coin Merch Line
  • Raise 10k$ for charity!
  • Do giveaway contests for merch design creation, and model sign ups for photo and video shoot of AMC Merch line.
  • Anounce dates for Amish Coin Road Trip!!!! (Some of the founding team members and creative team, a film crew, in full Amish Coin character, going to a large Blockchain convention to share the news of Amish Coin!! With many marketing strategies!! As well as stop in college campuses, large events, beaches, and everywhere they go the film crew follows releasing an exciting series on the adventures that are sure to follow.
  • Reach 2500 members in telegram group.
  • Raise 100k$ for charity.
2nd quarter Goals (2022)
  • Reveal a bonus “Secret Utility”, the Amish Coin team has been working on.
  • Be listed on an exchange? We would love to be listed on exchanges, but we don’t need them to be successful.